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About Four Paws Pet Solutions LLC

About Us

Four Paw Pet Solutions is dedicated to helping families add K-9’s, of all ages & breeds, to their families and providing the support and training needed to help ensure a positive family dynamic. We will assess your family and fit your needs.  With a focus on the 
K-9’s manners, sleeping habits, leash walking, preventing anxiety to much more. Adding a K-9 can be a big step and at times – stressful. I am here to help make it a smooth transition.
With vast experience in assisting puppies of families with small children, busy parents, & time constraints, it’s my goal to offer a wide variety of support from simple training, additional walks, socializing, puppy sitting to a white glove / concierge approach to ensuring a smooth transition when a busy family chooses to add a K-9 to their family.  
K-9’s offer comfort, laughs, security and so much more to a family. With this, it’s important to understand the time,  level of commitment and dedication they take. I want to see families add a puppy or adopt a K-9. I understand the busy family dynamic of working parents, raising kids, assisting grandparents, weekends at kids events and  more. And thus I strive to ensure that my clients are set up for success when adding to their family.  
I meet with my clients & together we decide on a customized program that fits each families needs and budget.  I focus on the LIMA (Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive) training philosophy, which means that I focus on training K-9’s at a young age, often with treats in a very positive environment.   I follow the philosophies of Ian Dunbar and and Karen Pryors, where the focus is consistent reward-based training.    I feel that when training begins at a young age, and is consistent that the result is a well-trained dog with strong social skills.    However, this takes a team effort. I will be the coach and you will learn the cues and sign language to communicate with your K-9 daily.  
About Owner

Kelly Barrett

Thank you for considering Four Paw Pet Solutions for your  to      K-9’s  needs. My name is Kelly Barrett and I live in Little Silver with my husband, 3 daughters and our 2 Goldendoodles.  After a career in technology sales for 17 years, I moved to my passion =  K-9’s.   
I am currently enrolled in the state certified Master K-9 Training Program at Catch Dog Training with a focus on becoming a certified to K-9’s  Behaviorist. 
My goal is to provide excellent customer service to my clients.  Whether it’s your first puppy, an adopted adolescent with some behavior needs, or an elderly K-9 who needs help more often, I am here to help! 
I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Fairfield University. I am certified in K-9 CPR and First Aid. I am a member of the APDT Association. Currently, I am enrolled in the Catch Certified Master K-9 Training Program