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Breed and Breeder

Choosing the right breed for your family can make or break adding a K-9.

Things to consider are how much time do you have, do you travel often, do you have small kids, what’s your budget,do you have a fenced in yard, are you ok with dog hair and so much more !
You also want to look very closely at the breeder that you choose.  The critical socialization period for dogs is 2-12 weeks, which means your breeder has a much bigger impact on things like your dogs social skills / anxiety / guarding issues than anyone else. I have a few breeders who I trust and I can help you with what to look for in a breeder.  
If you’re choosing a rescue, there’s a lot to consider with the breed itself and knowing the right questions to ask the SPCA or Shelter -I can help ! 
This is a 1 time session.  I send a questionnaire to understand your family better and then we meet in person or virtually- your preference.    
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